How to Make Your Marble Tiles Last Longer

marble tiles design 300x256 How to Make Your Marble Tiles Last LongerMarble tiles become new choice for many more people. This tile represents beauty and artwork, and it adds the value of your house or building. However, the price is a little bit higher of any other options. Considering the price and the beauty, we have the obligation to keep it as long lasting as possible. It depends on how you treat and maintain your floor. You need to understand that marble is porous, and how you make it long lasting is started since the very first installation. You will need expert on installation but you can do the entire maintenance and care alone.

First, put certain strategies to the fact that marble tiles are porous. It means the tile will absorb most substances on top of it like soil, beverages, foods, and many other things. Once they absorb it, you will find it hard to clean the stain. Such absorption will also weaken the durability of the tiles. So, to make it last longer, we should thinking about sealing it. If you ask professionals, they will know what paste or sealer will be best to cover the tiles. It is applied soon as the tile is well installed.

Second, you should think about the cleaning and treatment. Every day, you should clean the tiles. You must sweep and mop it and make sure there is no stain left. If you are serving beverages, make sure that your glass has coaster so it will not leave ring on your marble. Once your guests spill the beverages, mop and clean it with warm water. Even though you already sealed the tile, it is possible that it leaks and absorbs the spill. Immediate cleaning will prevent further problem. Use detergent or cleaning solution with hot water for tough stain. This works well.

At last, how you behave will influence the durability of your tiles. Even though these tiles are tough enough, you will need to behave nicely to. When you move your furniture, especially tough ones, make sure that people put down the furniture nicely. Do not drop heavy things multiple times on the same place because it will break the tiles and leave mark on the surface. Do not pull heavy things on the floor too. Lift it and put down slowly. If you apply those ways, your marble tiles will last longer than you think. Try now and good luck!

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