5 Unique Home Decors for Guesthouse and Living Room

Decorating your house especially the living room and maybe your guesthouse will be nice things to do.

2013 is coming soon, and there are trends that can be ideas for you. Instead of decorating it like common designs, we can try unique home decor. Let us see on choices we have.

Prints and Stripes

This is the new idea. We used to one or two main theme colours. Now, we will adapt to the combination of those colours with prints and stripes. Of course, both prints and stripes are rich in colour. You can attach stripes and prints wallpaper on several parts only. Matching it with the furniture will be delightful. There are guesthouse furniture choices that use prints and stripes as well.

Metropolitan Touch

This is about industrial look than artificial lines. You will not see curves but clean lines. It will look like hotel touch and also modern style. Choose simple furniture and accessories for the decoration. Your bed needs to be minimalist, and your sofa can be simple but stylish sofa bed.

Modular Cabinets and Drawers

You should consider using several furniture items that are modular. It allows us to change the shape just as we want it. However, it still shows modern style with elegant and rich touch. It also makes great furniture for your bedroom and living room. Choose one made of wood with modern finishing and design. Combine it with retro accessories or small amounts of plants.

Abstract Painting and Over Sized Photo

Your wall will be decorated with abstract painting. It should be one showing firm and simple shape on the paintings. In alternative, you can also hang your over sized photo. Use modern editing to reach more modern look instead of common natural photo.living room furniture mix and match 5 Unique Home Decors for Guesthouse and Living Room

Tribal Fabric

This will be the trend on colour combination. You can use it on your pillow cases, table cloth, chair blanket, or your curtain. Many recent living room furniture items are now combined with tribal fabric to give strong accent. It gives natural but edgy look on your decoration. Use material that is heavy and soft to reach comfortable requirement as well.

Those trends are great ideas for your living room and your guesthouse decoration. You can directly adopt the trends and you can also adapt it into your own personal ideas and touch. So, how do you want to start decorating your living room and your guesthouse?

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