5 Factors to Consider When Buying or Selling Horse Property

As a horse owner, when it comes to providing a place for your horses, you basically have two options: you can rent a livery stable or you can purchase some of your own equestrian property. And while renting may initially seem like the more affordable option, according to many real estate agents, if you plan to live in a certain area for a long period of time, buying some land instead could actually prove to be a really wise investment.

If purchasing someĀ horse property is something that you’d be interested in knowing more about (or if you already own some and you’re thinking about selling it), here are five things that you should strongly consider before making any big financial decision:

Consider the location. One of the first things that you need to think about is the location of the land. It needs to be away from a lot of traffic. It needs to be relatively close to riding schools. It also needs to have passed zoning laws that directly relate to horses. You can find out what those are by visiting the local county clerk’s office within that area.

Consider the quality of the land. Your horses will spend a lot of time on your property. That’s why the land needs to be of good quality. You need to make sure it doesn’t have a lot of weeds. You need to inspect to see how many natural water sources (like a creek or lake) there are. You also need to confirm that it’s no less than one acre. One acre is just enough for one small horse. You actually should have no less than three.

Consider the fencing. No horse is going to be safe on land that doesn’t have any fencing around it. As far as the kind of fencing that is best, many horse owners with land prefer wooden fences. It’s sturdy, long-lasting and also aesthetically appealing. Keep in mind that the fence needs to be high enough that horses cannot easily jump over it.

Consider the stables. If you were to speak with someone who works at a horse supply company that sells items like Treadall Horse Stall Mats and Crumb Rubber Arena Footing, something else that they would say needs to be on any horse property is one or two stables. That provides the horses with a place to sleep at night. It also protects them from harsh weather conditions too. There is a lot that goes into inspecting the quality of a stable. One website that can offer you a checklist of what to look for in a stable that is already on the land or what you should consider getting if you’re going to build a stable is Horses.About.Com. Just go to the site and put “horse stable design” in the search field.

Consider the potential hazards. One thing that has already been mentioned is looking to see if the property has weeds. That said, it’s important to not just make sure that there aren’t weeds in your yard (especially ragwort because it’s toxic for horses), but also in the neighbors’. That’s because it’s not uncommon for weeds to grow from one area to the next and you need to find out the possibility of that happening as soon as possible. For tips on how to detect harmful weeds, visit Plants.USDA.gov and put “noxious weeds list” in the search field.

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