4 Common Air Conditioning Myths Busted

No matter what the subject matter may be, there will be myths surrounding it. Therefore, it should be of no surprise that air conditioners would be included on the list. So, whether you’re considering purchasing a new air conditioner or you’re simply wondering if some of the things that you’ve heard about air conditioners are true, you’ve come to the right place. This article is going to share with you four common air conditioning myths along with the real truth about each one of them.

You can only use your AC to cool your home. If you’re someone who has always assumed that air conditioners can only be used in the warmer months to help the house stay cooler, you’re not alone. However, that is pretty much a myth. The reality is that as more manufacturers are looking for ways to become a lot more efficient, air conditioning units also come with a heating feature. That way, you can use it during the summer and also during the winter season, too.

Using your AC is bad for the environment. Speaking of energy efficiency, as individuals all over the world are looking for effective ways to preserve the environment, some are hesitant to use air conditioners for fear of the gases they release. However, a lot of the more modern air conditioners do not require any kinds of refrigerant to help to keep the air cool. As a direct result, gases do not go out into the air and the environment remains cleaner.

AC filters don’t need to be changed often. Say that your air conditioner was freezing up and you asked a professional technician to come over to look at it. As they were¬†troubleshooting a frozen AC, they might inquire about how often you change your filters. If you say only a couple of times per year because you heard that you really don’t need to do it much more than that, you’ve fallen for a myth. Although for central heat and air, you can go about 90 days before it’s time to get your filter replaced, if what you have is an air conditioning unit, that needs to be changed about once a month. There are a couple of different reasons why this is the case. For one thing, filters help to reduce the amount of dust, debris, and dander that flow into the various rooms of your house. Filters also make it easier for your unit to push the air out. As a result, your air conditioner works more efficiently and that helps to save you money. Plus, it can help to keep your air conditioner from malfunctioning.

It’s not worth it to get an energy efficient AC. If it’s time for you to get a new air conditioner and you’re hesitant to buy one that comes with the Energy Star label on it simply because it costs a few more dollars, don’t believe the myth that it’s not worth the investment. Energy Star appliances have been tested to ensure that they will save you as much as 20-40 percent when it comes to the amount of energy that you use. As a direct result, that puts more money into your pocket – and that’s always awesome. For more information on Energy Star appliances, visit EnergyStar.gov and put “appliances” in the search field.

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