Common Reasons Your AC System Makes Odd Sounds

Can you imagine what life would be like without your AC system? After all, it is the main thing inside of your home that helps to keep all of your rooms at a cool and comfortable temperature. Yet the reality is that if you’ve had your AC for a few years or you fail to have it professionally inspected on an annual basis, there may be times when you’ll notice some odd sounds coming from it. But before you go into panic mode, it’s a good idea to finish reading this article.

The reason why is that it’s going to share with you five of the common reasons why your AC may be making the sounds that it does. That way, you can know if it’s something that you can fix yourself or if you should find a qualified HVAC technician to assist you.

Grinding. No one wants to turn on their air conditioner and hear a grinding noise. However, sometimes it does happen. What it usually means is that your AC’s fan motor is going out. If that’s the case, you’re going to need a professional technician’s assistance. Either they will replace the motor for you or recommend that you replace your AC altogether.

Hissing. Is your AC making a hissing sound? If so, it may be because your ducts need to be inspected. On the other hand, it might be an indication that your AC has a refrigerant leak. Both issues are very challenging to fix on your own. You should definitely call a technician to get their professional opinion.

Popping. If the best way to describe the noise that’s coming from your AC is that it has a popping sound, that’s also a red flag that your ducts may be on the fritz. This is actually a pretty natural occurrence over time. That’s because, like everything else, your AC’s ductwork can age and require some maintenance because of it. Before having a technician look it over, try cleaning the ducts first. You can get tips on how to do so by going to DIY Network and putting “clean air ducts” in the search field. If after cleaning them, the sound does not go away – then contact a professional to help you.

Rattling. One of the loudest AC noises actually is one of the more simple AC fixes. If you hear a rattling sound and it’s coming from the outside of your AC unit, that’s usually simply because there is some debris that’s gotten caught on one of the vents. In this case, all you need to do is sweep it off. However, if the noise sounds like it’s coming from the inside of the unit, that’s probably due to a loose belt or screw. You should ask a technician for their assistance in that case.

Dripping. Does your AC make a dripping sound? When coils are leaking or you have a cracked overflow pan, that can be the cause. For a leaking coil, call a technician to replace it. For a cracked overflow pan, you can either seal it with epoxy glue or replace it altogether. You can purchase a new overflow pan at websites like Zoro, Global Industries, or Parts Town. Just go to the site and put “overflow pan” in the search field.

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