How UV Lights Impact the Air Quality in Your Home

Indoor air quality. It’s a topic of conversation that more and more homeowners are finding themselves having. The main reason why is because there is more information that’s being released addressing the fact that indoor air quality can be as much as five times worse than what is happening outside. And when there is a lot of pollution inside of our homes, it can lead to all kinds of health issues and concerns.

The good news is that there are several things that you can do that will help to purify the air that’s inside of the rooms of your house. You can change out your HVAC unit’s air filter. You can install exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom (in order to reduce the level of humidity that you have). You can also install some ultraviolet (UV) lights.

Since UV lights carry a lot more energy than visible lights do and since they produce an invisible form of electromagnetic radiation, they bring all kinds of benefits that are health-related. If you’re curious to know what some of those advantages are so that you can help to purify the air that’s inside of your house, please continue reading.

UV lights can reduce symptoms associated with respiratory infections. If you or someone in your home happens to have a respiratory infection or some kind of long-term illness, then it can definitely benefit you to put UV lights in your home. The reason why is because, aside from the fact that they help to kill bacteria (which will be addressed in just a moment), a UV light that’s placed inside of the ductwork of your HVAC unit will also help to keep germs from being transmitted from one set of vents to another.

UV lights can help to control pathogens. Do you happen to live in climate that is humid? If so, this means that it is more susceptible to mold and mildew growth than dryer climates are. Installing a dehumidifier in your house is one way to reduce the moisture in the air. However, another thing that you can do to help control the pathogens that ultimately lead to mold growth is adding some UV lights. They are able to kill that kind of fungi without you having to rely on the kind of cleaning solutions that contain toxins.

UV lights can remove tiny forms of bacteria. There are some people who do not feel like they need to install UV lights in their house. The reason why is because they believe the air filter that’s inside of their HVAC unit is doing a thorough job removing dander, dust, and debris. The reality is that there are studies which indicate that there are tiny particles of all of these things that are small enough to get through an air filter. But when there is a UV light in your ductwork, it is able to kill every type of bacteria that is within its path. No matter how small it may be.

UV lights can improve your indoor air quality. Aside from the reasons that have already been shared, UV light can also kill the bacteria that is associated with tuberculosis, and it is able to remove a series of viruses that can cause infections. And so, without a doubt, UV lights have the ability to significantly improve your home’s air quality.

UV lights can decrease your energy costs. One more thing: If saving money on your AC bill is a top priority for you, this is one more reason to add some UV lights. The main reason is because they are able to help to clean the air in your home without putting additional stress on your HVAC unit (like dirty air filters tend to do). Plus, they are virtually maintenance-free and energy efficient as well. For more information on UV light systems, go to your favorite search engine and put “UV lighting systems” in the search field.

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