Unique Ways to Display Art in Your Home

No matter how beautiful your house may be and how much great furniture you may have, if the walls are bare, it’s going to seem a bit cold and empty. But if you happen to have some art pieces – in just a matter of moments – the rooms in your house can start to feel warm and inviting to those who live there and also those who visit.

The key is knowing what you should do to display your art in such a way that it’s visually appealing without being too overwhelming. So if you’d like some tips on how to do that, here are five unique ways to display art inside of your home:

Mix art and antiques. Who said that the only thing that should hang on your walls are framed prints and paintings? One of the best ways to add character and dimension to your walls and transitional spaces is to mix and match your art with your antiques. Plates, figurines, and other antiques will be a great addition to the art that you have. If you’re not sure if a piece is something that should hang on your wall, a customer service associate at a local arts and crafts store should be able to assist you.

Do a bit of stacking. Do you have some old luggage or a couple of hope chests? If so, put them in a corner of a room and stack them on top of each other. Then add a lamp to the top of them along with some family photos. It’s a beautiful way to showcase the luggage and chests, plus it’s a unique way to show off some of your favorite photographs.

Blow up some prints. Although there used to be a time when people only considered professional photographs to be frame-worthy, no longer is that the case. Thanks to smartphones and photography apps, there are candid pictures that you can blow up to poster size and display in various rooms of your house. To get them poster size and mounted, contact your local Kinko’s. For a list of some of the best photo apps to download to your smartphone, visit Creative Bloq and put “best photo apps” in the search field.

Hang them on an accent wall. One place where you can go to get a pedestal for one of your larger art pieces is Easy Pedestal. If you were to ask a customer sales associate for a few art display tips, one that they might give you is to paint an accent wall. That way, your art piece can serve as the centerpiece of the room against the backdrop of the accent wall. Or, you can hang some different sizes of prints on the wall. It will be sure to catch your guests’ attention.

Don’t forget about your windows. Are you a lover of literature? If so, and you have some older books or classic editions, who’s to say that they all have to go on one of your bookshelves? In fact, a really creative place to put some of the thinner books is the top of your windowsills. You can intermix them with some of your art pictures. It’s a wonderful and unexpected artistic look for your home office or your child’s nursery. For tips on how to preserve older books, visit Book Riot and put “how to care for old books” in the search field.

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