5 Tips on How to Care For Your Ceramic Tile Floor

Ceramic Tile Floor 254x300 5 Tips on How to Care For Your Ceramic Tile FloorCeramic tile is a favourite choice for home and building owners. It gives brilliant looks, and with so many choices available, we are able to match it with the interior decoration. Now, as we hope for the floor to stay good longer, we will need to apply enough care and treatment on it. Here are some tips for it.

1. Regular Cleaning

This action is essential. Floor gets dirty from time to time, no matter what we do to keep it clean. We do need make actions, but regular cleaning everyday is needed. Sweep it every day. If your house is near to dust and dirt, or if there are many activities going on, sweep it three to four times a day. Do not forget to mop it at least every two days.

2. Immediate Urgent Cleaning

Sometimes, your kids or others will spill something on your floor. Sometimes, it is their shoes that bring the dirt. Once you see it, you should clean it right away. Dry spill will invite more dirt, and it will be harder to clean than before.

3. Too Hard Chemicals and Sharp Stuff

Never use too hard chemicals and sharp things to clean. Instead, try to use soft brush, dry towel, and mop the dirt. IF you do it over and over, you will not need chemical substance at all. Hard chemicals and sharp things will scratch and ruin your tiles. You will hate it.

4. Lift the Furniture

If you want to move any of your furniture, you should lift it instead of pushing it around. The furniture will leave scratch mark on your floor and it damages the structure and look of your ceramic tiles. Lift it a little so you can move without pushing. A little sport is always good for your body.

5. Cover It

Cover your tiles on places with more access to dirt and dust. You can use mats or carpets if you want to. In case you have dirt or spill on it, no one will notice. You only need to wash the mats and carpets regularly, and your tiles will be always fine.

Those are 5 tips on how to care for your ceramic tile floor. If you read closely, you will find that all the tips are easy to do and apply. You can do it alone, and your flooring will be just fabulous for longer of time.

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