Top 5 Tips to Organize Your Baby’s Nursery with Decorative Storage Items

Decorative Storage Items 267x300 Top 5 Tips to Organize Your Babys Nursery with Decorative Storage ItemsBaby has a lot of needs and you will need to think about where you should put all of those stuffs. On the opposite, if we follow the growing needs, your baby room will be filled with stuffs, and this is not an ideal room for a growing baby too. Here are 5 tips on how to organize your baby’s nursery with decorative storage items.

1. Painted Bins

You can use new trash bins as a utility to keep several items. Before you start using it, you should paint the bins with safe color paint. Draw cute pictures the baby will like and you can adjust the color with the interior colors. In the end, you can also put cover on top of it and use it as cute small tables as well.

2. Custom Box

Use old laundry basket as a new box to keep the blanket or other bedding things. Change the color and attach several animal pictures or numbers. This is easy to make and can be really cute and special. Put it under the table or crib to save some space and this will look cute.

3. Adjustable Table

Order special table for your baby room! Make it colourful and has storages. We can make storage under the surface of the table. Meanwhile, we can add small level on top of the table so we can put small things on it. This will save some more spaces and you can easily reach the stuffs.

4. Colorful Shelves

Remake your old shelves. Paint it with safe color paint, and draw several pictures of animals, natural things like trees and fruits, and also numbers. Your babies will like it. Higher shelves have more storage, but you need to nail it to the wall. It is to avoid the shelves to fall and hurt your baby.

5. Hammock

Hammock can be very useful. Fill it with animal figures, dolls, and baby pillows. In seconds, the room will be neat and tidy, but you also have new decoration item. Hang it on the wall. It eats smaller space but you already have enough to keep all of those figures, animals, and toys. Do not keep small toys on it. It will drop.

Besides being decorative, those 5 tips also help you save some money. You do not have to buy expensive items, but you can have nice room with enough space and storage for the baby nursery needs.

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