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How to Make Your Marble Tiles Last Longer

Marble tiles become new choice for many more people. This tile represents beauty and artwork, and it adds the value of your house or building. However, the price is a little bit higher of any other options. Considering the price and the beauty, we have the obligation to keep it as long lasting as possible. […]

5 Tips on How to Care For Your Ceramic Tile Floor

Ceramic tile is a favourite choice for home and building owners. It gives brilliant looks, and with so many choices available, we are able to match it with the interior decoration. Now, as we hope for the floor to stay good longer, we will need to apply enough care and treatment on it. Here are […]

Buying Kids Play Mat – Top 5 Tips

Having kids at home is a gift and we have the obligation to provide enough protection and facilities. Playing is one of ways our kids learn something. If you already have the play room, your next step will be complete it with good play mat. Here are tips in how to select right. 1. Crucial […]