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Top 7 Benefits of Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens

Glass splashbacks are very popular for kitchen. Many people want and install it. Why people do so? There are many major benefits of using glass splashbacks for your kitchen. 1. Easy to clean Being very sleek and flat, glass splashbacks will be easy to clean. Commonly, we only need to wipe the stain or spill, […]

Top 4 Roofing Problems and the Prevention

One of the essential parts of the house is the roof. Roof protects us from heat, rain, wind, and all weather and seasonal problems. Considering the role, it is essential for us to know the main problems of roofing and the prevention so we can take immediate actions when it happens. 1. Weather Effect Your […]

Sound Insulation is so Important: 10 Reasons Why

Almost all buildings need sound insulation. Why is it really important after all? Here are 10 reasons why sound insulation is so important in your building. 1. Neighbour comfort If you live in a house with very close neighbour, you will want comfort among them. Sound insulation prevents voice leaks, in which close houses tend […]