5 Tips on How to Remove Carpet Stains

Carpet Stains 5 Tips on How to Remove Carpet StainsCarpet is made to cover the floor and to keep the floor from dirt and dust. However, we sometimes also need to deal with stains on carpet. Stains make the carpet look awful and we will want to clean it to keep total good look on your interior. Here are the tips.

1. Salt

Salt is one cooking spices, but it is useful in stain cleaning. Before you make any action to clean the stain, you should consider using salt. Pour some salt on top of the stain and let it that way for 30 minutes. It will absorb some of the spill and also color of the stain. This is helpful and the following cleaning steps are a lot easier.

2. Warm water

Warm water will open the particle of carpet. It enables you to clean it better. When you use stain solution or detergent, you should rub it with soft towel and warm water. Commonly, the stain goes faster. You can use it separately, or you can also mix the cleansing substances with warm water if you want to.

3. Vinegar

Surprisingly, vinegar is really helpful for stain cleaning. Vinegar is effective as cleaning substance for several stains from foods and drinks. Beer, tea, coffee, chocolate, milk, candy, sauce, and also wine can be cleaned using vinegar. Use it alone with warm towel, or mix it with warm water for simpler steps. It cleans stain faster and it is not a lot of effort after all.

4. Detergent

Detergent is the common alternative because it is easier to get. Detergent is effective as well especially when you rub it again and again using soft items like towel or clothes. Several detergents even show better performance than the other, and it can be a very helpful substance for the cleaning. You should try it.

5. Stain solution

Stain solution means special substances you can find on drugstore, grocery or hardware store. They commonly contain special ingredients that are effective to remove stain without damaging the carpet. Combine it with vacuum cleaner for maximum result.

Those tips came from personal experiences. All of them are proven to be effective and very helping in cleaning the carpet stains. You can try one of them whenever you have stains on your carpet. Do not wait until the stains are dry. It is better if you clean it right away. Do not forget to clean remaining substances or salt using vacuum cleaner.

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