Learn from How Commercial Carpet Cleaning Works

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Learn from How Commercial Carpet Cleaning WorksWe can learn a lot from professional cleaner for carpet. They have their own ways and strategies in cleaning so that the carpet remains clean and free of stain, the color stays the same, and the carpet is still perfect. Considering that stain can comes up anytime someone spills or drops something, knowing the way will be useful. Basically, how commercial carpet cleaning works can be divided into two major groups. They include light surface and deep carpet cleansing. They apply different strategy on different stain case. Let us see deeply how it works so we can imitate the same cleaning effort later.

The light surface cleaning works well on light cases like juice and food spills. This strategy includes several alternatives of cleaning. Dry cleaning offers good and fast cleansing. It can be real dry or using wet process too. Professionals also do wet shampooing for carpet. In the process, they will dry the carpet. We can also use bonnet which is mixed with buffer machine, but it needs special attention not to ruin the carpet. Dry foam is also used just as shampoo. In the end, we will also find that professional carpet cleaners also clean stain using absorbent powder.

Commercial cleaner also offer deep cleansing every 12-18 months. The method used is only one. They will apply external extraction using hot water. The combination of hot water and the solution substance is going to be applied on your carpet and it is ended with vacuum the carpet on a tank. In alternative, they also truck mounted system. Truck mounted is now also available for rent. If we want to do it alone, we can rent the tool and use it at home. Those two methods are used differently, and both contribute a lot of help on stain cleaning.

The next thing we should learn is how commercial carpet cleaning sets the price. Commonly, they will charge based on the size of the carpet. It means that bigger carpet will costs more for cleaning. In addition to the basic charge, they also give different price on additional service. Tough stain for example needs additional action, and they have different price for it. However, above all, the material of your carpet will influence a lot. More delicate carpet will cost more because they need special treatment too. This information leads us to wiser carpet choice and treatment so we can save more money.

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