Top 7 Guides in Choosing Quality Bed Linen

Bed Linen 300x215 Top 7 Guides in Choosing Quality Bed LinenBed linen needs to be selected carefully so you can sleep well on it, and never have any complain for the comfort too. Here are the guides.

1. Thread count

It indicates the amount of yarn on every inch square of the linen. Commonly, higher thread count indicates softer and more comfortable linen. You need it to get comfortable linen for your bed. Higher thread account commonly costs more but it is worth the price and you will not regret it.

2. Fabric

There are several options for fabric like cotton and silk as the most popular choices. It depends on you. What material you want to have for the bed linen. Soft but durable linen is always preferable. Beside it gives soft touch to your skin, it also gives comfortable feeling while you are sleeping.

3. Weave type

There are several types of weave including plain, twill, sateen, and patterned as the most expensive one. You can choose one of the types for your bed linen. Patterned weave is available on two options that are dobby and jacguard. However, sateen is already good and comfortable enough.

4. Fiber

This is about the fabric finishing. We have three major options including mercerizing, shrinkage, and wrinkle resistance. Wrinkle resistance makes sure that your bed linen looks great all the time. You will like it and enjoy using it.

5. Finishing

The finishing also defines how the bed linen feels on your skin. Good finishing will prevent skin scar from scratch with the fabric. Softer finishing usually comes in more expensive price. It feels real good on your skin. However, good finishing needs different way to wash and clean as well.

6. Feel it

Several linens feel warm, while several others feel cold enough. How you choose depends on how you like it. Adjust it with your room temperature so you can have a real good night sleep. DO not pick one that is warm because you will be heated while sleeping.

7. Price

Buy bed linens matching to your budget. You do not have to buy the most expensive one. Just make sure that you buy good one with comfortable performance and affordable price too. You can buy more linens with the same budget if you want to. Find more than one suppliers.

Those 7 guides already helped many people and are literally simple enough to do. Meet the requirements and you will get perfect linen for your bed.

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