Rhino Deck Helped My Father-in-Law and Me Bond

When I met my future wife, Anne, at college, I knew she was the one. I think for her, it was probably a deck construction project that really secured my place in her heart.

As I was getting to know her family, I realized her father could use a bit of help constructing a new deck at their home. I’m pretty handy with a hammer, so I decided to help him with this project.

My future father-in-law acquired Rhino Deck materials for his project. Although I had constructed dozens of decks while working for my father’s handyman company, I was amazed at the high quality of products that Rhino Deck produced. I was especially impressed with the sturdy composite wood material, which would require very little maintenance by Anne’s dad.

As we worked side by side building the deck, I got to talk to my girlfriend’s dad for hours at a time. The end result was his support of our relationship, which a few months later resulted in our engagement and subsequent marriage.

A year or so later, when my new wife and I bought our first house, we used Rhino Deck products once again to construct a new deck on our home. Our deck added value to our new home, making it a great investment for our future.

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