Things to Look for When Selecting Glass for Your Front Door

Home decor is anything but cookie cutter. Whether you live in a tract home, an old Vic, or a 17th century Scottish castle, you’re going to have your own ideas about how it should be decorated to suit your personal preferences and turn your house into a home. This means choosing paint colors, flooring options, and of course, furniture and decor. And at some point you may even decide to address the windows in your home. By replacing or even upgrading them, you stand to improve the look and feel of your home interior, gaining several advantages along the way. And you shouldn’t forget to address the windows in and around your front door in the process. Here are just a few things to look for when it comes to selecting glass for your front door.

There are really only two considerations for any type of design: form and function. And the utility of your windows should be fairly obvious. They allow for natural light to come in where there would otherwise be an opaque wall and door. And they let you see out. This is a nice feature at the front door, in particular, since it allows you to get a look at whoever is ringing the bell before you open the door. Unfortunately, it also means that anyone outside can look in, and if you value your privacy, this might not suit your preferences. But there are options for colored, translucent, or otherwise obscured glass that could allow you to get the filtered light you crave without giving up your privacy in the process.

And these decorative options can also provide the opportunity to express your personal style through form. You will almost certainly want take your home style into consideration when selecting the glass for your door since you want to present a cohesive architectural design. Considering it’s the first thing visitors will see, you don’t want your choice of glass to stick out like a sore thumb. But if you want a custom piece that accentuates your architecture, represents your personal style, and generally heightens the appearance of your home and improves the first impression, there’s no reason not to look into the unique collections and custom design options offered by reputable and innovative vendors likeĀ Imaging Sciences, just for example.

Of course, on the utility front, it’s also important to make sure that the glass you choose will hold up to the elements. Your front door glass needs to have insulating properties that will keep the hot summer temperatures and the cold winds of winter outside, where they belong. So whether you’re interested in reclaimed stained-glass windows for your front door or you want modern, architectural glass, just remember to ask about proper insulation to ensure that your home remains comfortable and energy efficient. The last thing you want to deal with is a drafty front entry, no matter how gorgeous the glass is. And careful selection can help you to meet your many goals.

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