5 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Living Space More Comfortable

Families looking to save money while increasing usable space are turning to the great outdoors (via their own backyards) as a way of avoiding home additions or an upgrade to a larger house. And whether you want a new eating space or a place to entertain, you’ll find that there are all kinds of ways to make your outdoor living space comfortable while meeting your practical needs. Here are a few options you’ll want to explore.

  1. Plant a tree. Adding foliage to your landscaping can increase your comfort level in three ways. First and foremost, it provides portions of your outdoor space with abundant shade, which can significantly decrease the heat of direct sunlight. But trees, bushes, and other tall foliage can also increase your privacy, separating your yard from neighbors and other prying eyes. Additionally, dense foliage may even cut down on noise pollution from neighbors or a busy street, allowing you to relax more fully whenever you enjoy your outdoor spaces.
  2. Consider new structures. In terms of adding both shade and privacy, new construction can accommodate you on both fronts. And although you’ll have to check city building codes for your area, you generally don’t need permits to build non-permanent structures. So long as you’re not adding a granny flat in the backyard, you may not even need permits to erect porch covers, gazebos, or other small structures.
  3. Add heating/cooling. If you’re planning to spend a lot of time outdoors, you need to consider how you’re going to remain comfortable despite soaring or plummeting temperatures. Trees and awnings may protect you from sun and rain, but they won’t keep you warm on a chilly, fall evening or cool on a hot, summer day. Depending on how you use your outdoor spaces, you might want to think about adding a fireplace, fire pit, or heat lamps, or alternately, a misting system that sprays down cooling water.
  4. Add functional, comfortable furniture. There are all kinds of outdoor furniture options to choose from, including dining sets, lounges, hammocks, and swings, amongst other things. But before you go on a spending spree, make sure you have a budget in mind, measurements for your space, and an idea of the functionality you’re seeking. Whether you delight in throwing outdoor parties for dozens of guests all summer long or you merely want a place to enjoy your coffee and the paper each morning, finding the right outdoor furniture Brookline, MA to L.A. requires you to do a little planning and research.
  5. Create an outdoor room. One of the biggest trends in home renovations over the last few years is the addition of the outdoor room. In some cases, indoor/outdoor rooms separated by nothing more than moveable glass panels that can easily be adjusted to let the outdoors in are possible. But if you don’t want to cut a giant hole in the wall, it’s probably easier to simply install some kind of semi-permanent awning over your patio before putting in lounge seating, a fireplace, and even a TV. If you want to increase your usable square footage without the major cost of a home addition, the outdoor room is a great alternative.

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