5 Termite Control and Prevention Tips for Homeowners

Termites aren’t only a nuisance – they can also cause severe structural damage, and they can create the risk for structural collapse. This is exactly the reason why it is so important to eliminate termites. You may not realize it, but termites are in the same taxonomical order as ants, bees, and wasps. Unlike ants and bees, though, termites have a seemingly insatiable appetite for wood. Why do termites eat wood? Well, wood has a compound called cellulose, which allows termites to get plenty of moisture and nutrients. Plus, the wood serves as a shelter of sorts, so they are really getting the best of both worlds – at the expense of the destruction of your home, of course. Here are five termite control and prevention tips for homeowners.

  1. Get your home inspected for termites. Your first step in termite control and prevention is to get your home inspected for the pests. There is a chance that you don’t have a pest problem – the issue could be a lot less innocuous. The last thing you want to do is fight the wrong pest – especially an invasive pest – because you could cause more damage.
  2. Remove all sources of moisture in and around your home. Once you are certain that you have a termite problem, you want to cut off the moisture supply. There is a good chance that there is too much moisture in your home, which is turning the wood skeleton of your home into a smorgasbord. In order to remove moisture, you want to install a dehumidifier, and you want to allow for plenty of ventilation.
  3. Fell old and dead trees and tree stumps from around your home. On top of removing moisture, you want to remove any dead trees and stumps from around your home. These sources can often be a jumping off point for termites. Once they are done burrowing and destroying trees, they then move on to the nearest source of wood, which could be your home. When it comes to removing dead trees, you want to make sure to pull the roots too – termites can be especially prevalent in the roots of trees.
  4. Call on the services of a professional pest control company. It is also imperative to call a professional pest control service, like Watts Pest Prevention. A professional exterminator will serve as a general in your army against termites. In most cases, your home will be tented off and bombed with special fumes that kill the termites in their tracks. In most cases, this process takes a few days. During that time, you are required to stay somewhere else until the termite bombing is over.
  5. Remove the destroyed portions of wood from your home. On top of identifying the pests, making the environment less habitable, and bombing the termites, you also want to move the damaged pieces of wood from your home. If your termite infestation is particularly bad, you may have some construction and remodeling to do. In the end, though, it will all be worth it when you finally win the war against termites.

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