How to Prep Walls in Your Home for Paint

Does the interior of your home need a new paint job? If it does, you could be spending a lot of money to repaint your home. However, if you take on the preparation part of the paint job, you can wind up saving a lot of money. When it comes down to it, there are a few crucial steps to prep walls for paint. The last thing you want to do is paint on un-prepped walls – the paint may start to flake or it may not dry properly. Not only do you have to clean your walls, but you may have to strip them as well. Here is how to prep walls in your home for paint.

One of the most crucial steps in prepping your walls involves sanding down the top layer of the current coat. You want to get your walls to be a smooth consistency – almost like drywall. Sanding will also ensure that there aren’t any major bumps or inconsistencies in the wall. When sanding, make sure to use a thin grade – something that isn’t too course or that will do more damage to the wall.

Next, you want to clean the walls and the surrounding area. When you are painting your walls, the last thing you want is to get dust, hairs or any other debris in the paint. Not only can this make the paint job look uneven and unprofessional, but it will also make it harder to paint. Cleaning is especially important after you sand – mostly because there will be a lot of dust. On top of that, you want to vacuum the floors under the wall – you don’t want anything to kick off the floor and onto the wall.

After you sand and clean, you want to make sure to prime. This is another essential part of the painting process. If your walls already have a few coats of paint, you may need to apply a few layers of primer. Primer will offer a clean slate and it will create a much more neutral base for the new color. This is especially important if the new color is diametrically different than the current color. Even if you are painting your walls white, though, you still want to add primer. Moreover, primer will allow paint to stick to the wall better so that the coat can last longer.

Lastly, prepping and priming your walls for paint is crucial. If you want to give your walls a professional look, you want to put in the elbow grease to sand, clean and prime. If you are going for a professional paint service, like Annapolis Paint Designs, you may want to prep before the painting begins. This will save you money and it give you a hands-on approach to repainting your walls. If you like doing things yourself, this is a great opportunity. In the end, prepping is easy and if you want your home to look beautiful, you want to take the time and put in the energy to prep carefully and meticulously.

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