Guide on How to Install a Home Water Purifier Alone

Home Water Purifier

Water purifier is essential for your family health. Surprisingly, you will find it easy enough for you to install home water purifier. You almost do not need to find a special service for it. Here are instructions on how to install a home water purifier by yourself.

First, you need to find your main water supply, and find the valve. Before you begin the entire installation, you need to shut it down first. Commonly, the valve is located down the sink. If you cannot find it near the sink, it is probably placed on a wall on basement, the nearest one to the street. You will need wrench for pipe to finish the procedure. Now, you will want to dry the entire valve. Open your valve for cold water on your kitchen sink and let it dry. When it is done, you can move to the second step.

The second step will be placing the water purifier. When all the water is dry, you should find the right spot for the filter. Turn of the valve for cold water and find a spot between the cold water valve and the previous valve. It is where you are supposed to place the filter. Mark it, and put a bucket under in case water comes out. Now, drill a hole in marked place. Remember, you will need to measure your drill. If your filter is bigger, you will probably need bigger hole as well. Use the measuring tape to make exact calculation.

Third, we need to attach everything. Coupling of adapter should be on both sides of the filter. If you are done placing them correctly, you need to apply fitting of compression to the pipe both ends. Now, try to examine if the water goes on the inlet. If it does, your filter works properly. Now, attach it to the wall. You may need brackets and also screws on it. This is almost done. Try to turn on the valve and see if there is any leaking. You may need to work on it when you find it leaks.

Now, you see that installing your own home water purifier is not that difficult. You will need enough tools, but you can do it by yourself. Before you do those instructions, check and make survey on your valve and pipes. When you get it right, you can start the installation. It is easy enough!

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