How to Install a Perfect Hot Tub

Hot Tub How to Install a Perfect Hot TubYou should install a hot tub on your backyard. It will be a good improvement for your leisure time. Modern hot tube does not include plumbing system, so you should be able to install it alone. Here are the easy steps to install your new hot tub on your backyard.

1. Choose the location

Considering about how you will enjoy it. You may need some shade, so placing it under the trees seems to be good. However, you need to be prepared to falling branches that will ruin your tub. Do not forget that neighbours would be able to see you. Find a spot with privacy. Outdoor is still preferred tough.

2. Make ready the location

You need to read your city code. There will be restrictions for distance for the electricity and the location for the hot tub. Commonly, 10-15 feet away from your backdoor is enough. Now, you need to make sure it has enough space to get in and out and to maintain when you need it too.

3. Placing the foundation and route

Considering how much water you will use on a hot tub, you will need at least 3 to 4 inches thick of foundation. Make sure it is solid enough and let it firm before you place anything on top of it. Meanwhile, you can set a route for the electricity. You can prefer it to be underground or the opposite.

4. Place the hot tub

Hot tub can weight a lot no matter what the material is. Commonly your delivery staffs will help you with it. Guide them to place the hot tub on top of the foundation you already prepared. However, be ready on alternatives to carry the hot tub from the van to the site.

5. Connect and clear everything

You may want to hire electricity to provide enough power to your hot tub. On the other sides, you need to clean the entire interior part of the tub, and also to check if all knobs and jet are well connected. Then, try. Fill it in with water and try to put heat on it.

It is always good as well to mix some soft chemicals to keep the water sanitary. In addition to it, gazebo will be perfect cover for your hot tub, and it can give you some privacy too. Get your site ready and enjoy your new hot tub!

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