Sound Insulation is so Important: 10 Reasons Why

Sound Insulation 300x200 Sound Insulation is so Important: 10 Reasons WhyAlmost all buildings need sound insulation. Why is it really important after all? Here are 10 reasons why sound insulation is so important in your building.

1. Neighbour comfort

If you live in a house with very close neighbour, you will want comfort among them. Sound insulation prevents voice leaks, in which close houses tend to hear or feel sounds and voices from the neighbour house.

2. Written in regulation

Being very noisy is a disturbance for others. Therefore, it is written and ruled in each state’s regulation. It is our obligation to do it properly.

3. Prevent inspection

Several people are experts on acoustic flooring and sound reduction technology. As for us, proper sound insulation prevents us from being guilty for noisy environment on inspection. You absolutely need this installed well.

4. Privacy

Sometimes, conversation and music can be heard even from the next building. If you want some privacy, you should think about having sound insulation. It stops airborne sound and gives you enough privacy.

5. Avoid flanking transmission

If you have public places like karaoke house, you want to avoid flanking transmission. It means people can hardly hear sounds and music inside the karaoke room. It keeps the place nice and comfortable.

6. Avoid impact sound

Music can hit other voice like conversation and kitchen noise. To prevent horrible noise like that, we should add sound insulation so everyone can talk, hear the music, and cook just as comfortable as possible.

7. House comfort

You may have music studios or home theatre room at your house. To avoid too much noise at the house, you should complete the rooms with proper sound insulation.

8. Human health and safety

Too much noise is not only bad for the environment but for the human too. We are not designed for excessive noise. If you care enough about your health and safety, sound insulation helps to reduce the noise.

9. Construction effectiveness

Noise level influences the quality of your construction. For the best quality addresses your noise level control using sound insulation.

10. Building needs

Each building will create noise. The noise is different to each other. Therefore, sound insulation is one of choices to control the noise and make nice and comfortable building.

Now, as you understand the need of sound insulation, you should consider install it properly and professionally to improve comfort and pass any inspection on your building.

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